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Omni Grind - What Exactly Does It Mean?

Omni Grind - What Exactly Does It Mean?

For some, coffee making is a precision piece of engineering. Grinding your beans to the perfect grade, measuring out your coffee to the nearest gram, tracking your water temperature, starting your timer, stirring, waiting, stirring some more…

Unfortunately, not all of us (this author included) can afford to dedicate this much time every morning to making the perfect cup of coffee - so that's why we’ve developed a special omni-grind grade for all our pre-ground coffee. Embracing a huge range of brewing methods, we've make sure you’re always getting a great tasting cup of organic coffee - no matter what contraption you have on your kitchen-top.

How you can brew our ground coffee:

What our ground coffee can't be used in:

Currently, we don’t offer pre-ground coffee for use in personal or professional Espresso machines. Due to the brewing process, these machines require a particularly fine grind of coffee - something that can be achieved by grinding our whole bean coffee to the desired size.




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