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How to Brew the Perfect Moka Pot
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How to Brew the Perfect Moka Pot

Small, shiny, supreme; the Moka Pot is an iconic piece of Italian engineering, delivering beautifully rich, dense espresso even in the simplest of kitchens. Its popularity in the UK has declined in the last few years, but there’s something about that little splutter and gurgle that just shouts ‘rise and shine’.

We recommend using our Espresso Blend - our take on an 'Italian style' coffee. Our Espresso is a mix of Arabica and Robusta beans, showcasing a delicious medley of chocolate, malted biscuit and rich caramel, the perfect blend of texture and flavour. Enjoyed as a moka pot, its smooth, cacao-heavy body comes topped with a deliciously rich, thick crema really shines!

The Grind

Medium-fine. Whilst our pre-ground coffee is not 100% suited for a moka pot, you’ll still get a lovely tasting espresso out of it.

Brewing Time

As long as it takes. When you hear hissing, you’re done!


Step I
To begin fill the bottom section of the Moka Pot with freshly boiled water (just below the screw). Otherwise the brewing process takes too long and overheats the coffee.
Step II
Add your coffee to the basket and level it off with your finger (or whatever handy implement you've got sitting around). While you're doing this, it's important that you don't compress or pack the coffee in too tight - otherwise you'll end up with difficulties later on.
Step III

Screw the top onto the base - just be careful whilst you do this, as the base will get boiling hot - and place it on the stove over a medium heat.

Step IV
As soon as you hear a bubbling and gurgling sound take it off the heat. If you can, carefully wrap a cold towel around the base to completely stop the brewing process in order to prevent the coffee from over-extracting.
There you have it - Your Moka Pot is made!



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