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How to Brew Coffee Using A V60
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How to Brew Coffee Using A V60

The V60 is the perfect way for a quick & simple brew, and one that’s become more and more popular in the coffee community where the demand for clean, fragrant and floral coffees has grown and grown. Ideal for a quick morning or coffee break single serve, we thought it was about time we gave you our method to brewing the perfect pour over.

The Grind

If you’re grinding your own beans, a medium-fine grind is what you should be aiming for, but our pre-ground coffee also works well in a pour over.


For a single serve V60, you’ll need…

  • 15g of ground coffee (about a 1½ tbsp)
  • 250ml water (good size coffee cup)

Brewing Time

The entire process should take about 2½ mins. If it’s a lot quicker, your coffee’s too coarse and you’ll be losing too much of the flavour. Too fine, and it’ll take much longer, and deliver a bitter, nasty cup of coffee.


Step I

Get your filter paper and pop it into the V60. Place it over your mug, then rinse the filter thoroughly with warm water. This 'cleans' the filter, and also helps warm the V60 and cup.

Step II

Once drained, empty the water from your cup. Measure out your coffee (around 15g should do it) and then add it to the filter. Give it a tap, so that you have a nice and even bed on which to pour the water.

Step III

Using the pouring kettle add about a third of the water and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to ‘bloom’. Stir it with a spoon or bamboo stirrer. Pour in the another third in outward spirals, finishing around the edges in order to wash any grinds back down.

Step IV

Add the last third of water and finish the pour in a circular motion. Once done, give your V60 a gentle tap a a final levelling-out. Leave to completely drain, then simply take the time to enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of coffee.



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