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    Musing on Mother's Day

    Musing on Mother's Day

    It’s that one day of the year when my kids always seem to ask "why don't we have a children's day too?" My answer? Because, luckily, most days seem to be children's day.

    My own mother had one rule for Mother’s Day: we were not allowed to buy anything. If we wanted to celebrate her, we would have to get creative and make or do something. These little homemade presents and gestures meant much more to her than any gift. Usually they ended up as theatre performances, songs, paintings and of course, delicious breakfasts in bed. Her message was clear, the most precious thing you can give is your time and effort.

    Being a mother is by far the biggest role in my life. It is a total life-changing experience. The person I was before I had children is a hazy version of the woman I am today. I’m much more aware of my flaws and constantly feel that I could do a better job. However, I think that most people have felt that way because it’s not something you can win or get right a hundred percent of the time. You definitely feel that you may never do anything perfectly ever again... My mother always used to say to me, I constantly make mistakes, but I just tried to make you feel very loved. It’s all about doing your best.

    Motherhood can mean many things. A few weeks ago I went on an arctic adventure and met a woman who couldn’t have children. We got talking about the unusual but inspiring life she leads. She told me that one day, when she was volunteering at a call out centre, she received an emergency call from a woman who had various physical disabilities, and she was also a single mum. Fast forward a few years and this wonderful woman now behaves like a part time mother to these two girls. She tutors them and offers them help and love in many ways. She is a proud mother. 

    Being a mother can mean whatever you want it to mean. It should not be an exclusive club - as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. So this Mother’s day celebrate by taking time out with your Mum. Show her what she means to you with a cup of CRU. This could be with a homemade cake, alongside breakfast in bed or even, for those extra hard working mums, in an espresso martini!

    Why not surprise your Mum this Mother's Day...

    Starter Pack

    The Perfect Introduction to CRU

    4 packs / 12 pods per pack

    The perfect introduction to CRU Kafe - if you've never tried us before or you're just looking for a friend, this is the place to start.

    Each box contains 1 pack of each of our original CRU blends

    • Light Roast
    • Dark Roast
    • Intense
    • Decaf

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    5 Cups of CRU

    5 Cups of CRU

    People always ask me "Where can I buy great cups to drink my CRU coffee from?

    For me, drinking a cup of coffee is a bit of a ritual and therefore mustn’t be taken lightly. Somehow the cups texture, depth and finish all contribute to how the coffee tastes. I am always on the hunt for old, new and unusual coffee cups. For this blog post, I have managed to whittle it down to five cups that I love. 

    Acme Cup

    You might have seen the Acme cup in any number of third wave coffee shops. The blue colour is, of course, delightfully sunny and happy but the best feature of this cup is the depth and feel. Just like a wine glass, a coffee cup needs to be bulbous, so that the aroma can rise up and you can fully taste the flavour. This is why the Acme cup is such an ideal shape. With shape in mind, it’s worth noting that having a lid on your cup will take away a lot of the experience. You should always remove it to get more of the aroma to your nose.

    Bodum Bistro

    This again has the ideal shape of a wine glass. I received these cups from my friend Cassidy and immediately loved them for their light and modern feel. If you like admiring the crema then a see-through glass will be a satisfying experience; the blending of milk and coffee is a beautiful spectacle in this cup.

    Summerill & Bishop Espresso Cup and Saucer in Jade Green

    This Sumerill and Bishop cup has a beautiful and chic South of France feel to it. It's not too big, and can perfectly fit a flat white.

    They come in four delicious colours and would look beautful on any linen tablecloth.

    CRU Keep Cup

    We decided to create this cup to encourage our lovely customers to drink CRU on the go. You can also take it to your local coffee shop and stop using those non-recyclable throwaway cups. It feels so good!

    I think the design is so innovative - you’d have to be very talented to manage to spill your coffee with this great lid. Again, remember to take the top off when you sit down for the best coffee aroma experience.

    Max Lamb Black Basalt Ceramic Cup

    This is a fantastic sight. Aesthetically it’s just genius. The texture, finish and form embody everything design is about. I haven’t tried drinking from it yet, but I certainly want to look at it.

    When there is so much choice and variety choosing the perfect cup is always a pleasure . However, the most important thing to keep in mind, is not to drink your coffee out of throwaway paper cups which are so harmful to the environment. Instead, use a Keep Cup and enjoy your coffee in both a stylish and responsible way. And most of all definitely make sure you choose a cup that makes your cup of CRU tasting amazing.

    Shop the cup...

    CRU KEEPCUP - Small & Large

    Introducing our 227ml & 340ml CRU Kafe KeepCups - the world's first barista standard reusable cup, designed for coffee lovers on the move.

    Made from fully tempered soda lime glass they also feature a beautiful natural cork band, made in Portugal using waste product from wine manufacturing.

    Buy it on its own or as part of one of the gift set varieties - a wonderful gift for the coffee lover in your life.


    First time visiting us at CRU Kafe?
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