How to recycle

Coffee pods

We’re part of Podback, a free nationwide recycling scheme for coffee pods. All you need is one of our free recycling bags, which can hold around 150 pods, and you can drop it off at your nearest collect+ location, free of charge.


Spent coffee grounds

  • General: Just chuck your spent grounds out with your normal household waste, and you're good to go
  • Face Scrub: Just mix with coconut oil and demerera sugar, and voila! you'll be left looking good - and we imagine smelling good too!
  • Deodouriser: Simply pop your spent coffee grounds in a little pot and place in your fridge to help capture all those unwelcome odours and smells.
  • Compost: Feed those hungry plants of yours by either adding to your compost heap or placing on top of the soil, which helps keep those pesky little slugs, snails and ants at bay.

Plastic Packaging

Made of the same material as a lot of carrier bags and food packaging, our bags for our beans, grounds & coffee bags. are made of LDPE plastic, which can be recycled in a number of ways.

  • Check with your Local Authority - more and more Local Authorities are allowing this material in with your regular household recycling, so check here first.
  • If Your Local Authority Doesn't accept it, your local supermarket will! Most large supermarkets now have an area for recycling their plastic bags, and you can simply add our coffee packaging in with these on your next trip to the shops.