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    About this coffee

    Billions of coffee beans are processed each year to create the drink we love, and whilst the beans themselves are always put to good use, the cherry fruit that surrounds it is largely overlooked – often discarded once the coffee bean has been extracted, and left to rot.

    For farmers and families in coffee growing countries, this product will help create sustainable jobs and a new revenue source for some of the poorest areas of the world. For the environment, it will remove botanical waste from streams and soil, strengthening the land and lives of the people and species there.

    Best Enjoyed...

    As a cooking ingredient, coffee flour is extremely versatile - and whilst is shouldn't be used as a direct substitute for your regular flour, its deep, almost savoury body (along with its incredible nutritional benefits) makes it a perfect supplement in your cooking or baking.

    We’ve been doing some experimenting in out kitchen and it works great with chocolate, breads, cookies, muffins, sauces and other savoury dishes – so keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming recipes!

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