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    About this coffee

    This beautifully balanced coffee is the perfect platform to appreciate our fantastic Peruvian bean. The strength of this coffee lies in the versatility and range of this particular Arabica, which delivers light floral notes on top of a bright, cereal body with a slight hint of chocolate. The well-balanced nature of this decaf brew lends itself to a simple espresso, where the delicate flavours can shine through – but if you like your coffee with milk, simply double up your pods and you’ve got yourself a luxurious Cappuccino or Flat White.

    Enjoy as:

    Cappuccino (2 pods)

    The Sparkling Water Method

    This particular bean is decaffeinated using the ‘Sparkling Water’ process, a method using water and carbon dioxide. These combine – creating the carbonated water from which this method process gets its name – to extract the caffeine whilst leaving the chemical makeup of the bean virtually untouched, a method that preserves as much of the original flavour as possible. Whilst this method is expensive, it has the added advantage of creating only natural by-products; with the carbon dioxide recycled and caffeine sold on for use elsewhere. Because of this, our decaf is easily able to hold its own when compared to our other caffeinated blends.

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