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Bright Roast - Milk Chocolate, Bergamot, Blood Orange
Dark Roast - Walnut, Dark Chocolate, Blackberry
Ristretto - Sweet Spice, Dark Chocolate, Molasses
Espresso - Hazelnut, Smoky, Cacoa
Lungo - Honey, Dark Chocolate, Blackcurrant
Colombian - Apple, Hazelnut, Blueberry

100% Recyclable

From our pods to our packaging, everything's recyclable - and we're proud to have been the first independent coffee company to sign up to the nationwide PODBACK scheme.

100% Organic

All our coffees are certified organic, which means produced with natural, certified fertilisers which not only use less energy but leaves much less of a footprint on the communities that use them.

100% Fairtrade

We work with Fairtrade producers and co-operatives from across the globe - and the premiums we pay go to support healthcare, infrastructure, plant nurseries and more.

What They Think Of CRU

"This is delicious coffee from a caring company. Highly recommend - my mornings would not be the same without CRU Kafe"

Suzie Almond

"I have been buying CRU Kafe for a long time ... always come back as for me it is the nicest tasting, best crema in a pod."

Kate Thomas

"Coffee is always just right even when I have a change; and it is delivered pretty quick!"

Jan Lawrence

"Excellent consistent flavour across the range. Reliable pods that are easy to recycle. Reliable service and delivery."

Suzy Branson

"Outstanding coffee at good value compared to other brands I’ve tried. Delivery and packaging on point."

Alex Radhakrishnan