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    About this coffee

    Our Light Roast was the first blend ever created by CRU, and revolves around three brilliantly Speciality Arabica beans from Mexico, Peru and Ethiopia. The Mexican bean grounds the coffee in a rich, biscuity earthiness, which is lifted by the floral, flowery notes of the Peruvian bean whilst the overall character of the blend is brought together by the positive acidity and fruity citrus of our exceptional Ethiopian Sidamo.

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    The Sidamo Bean

    Whilst all three Arabicas in this blend have their own exceptional stories, but far the star of the show is the Ethiopian Sidamo bean – a world-renowned Arabica from prized for their crisp acidity, citrusy body and deep, chocolate-like taste. The birthplace of Coffea arabica, Ethiopia is the Holy Grail for coffee-lovers, with an estimated 3,500 different coffee varieties growing wild within its borders; compared to just 30 that make up the rest of the world’s coffee supply. Because of this, it is common to find most villages have their own bean with it’s own very distinct flavour and profile – a diversity found nowhere else in the world.

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