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    About this coffee

    This is a dark, robust and powerful coffee built upon an organic Tanzanian bean prized for its strength and smoothness of flavour - which in turn is grounded by the earthy, chocolate tones of the Indonesian Sumatra. Perfect as a small, strong shot of espresso first thing in the morning or as a longer Americano later in the day, our Intense blend gives us that extra kick of caffeine without the burnt bitterness that so often comes with Robusta.

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    the Kagera Co-operative

    Our Tanzanian bean comes from the Kagera Co-operative Union, a Voluntary Association of 125 Primary Cooperative Societies representing over 60,000 small farmers of the mainly Robusta Coffee in Kagera. It is scattered within the districts of Bukoba, Muleba and Misenye – where the three districts cover about 15000 sq km. Famed for its deep, fruit-heavy body and spicy, peppery finish, the Tanzanian Robusta bean has an aroma that exhibits a rustic note and a brown ‘breadsweetness’. The aftertaste lingers with a slight suggestion of East African wildness, whilst the acidity levels are slightly muted compared to Kenyan coffee.

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