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    Origin / Tanzania

    Process / Patio-dried (naturally)

    Varietal / Bukoba Robusta

    Altitude / 1,050 - 1,400masl

    Roast Profile / Dark

    Notes / Chocolate, Heavy fruits, Rum


    This blend is a dark, robust and powerful coffee built upon an Organic Tanzanian that gives us that extra kick of caffeine without the burnt bitterness that so often comes with Robusta beans.

    Prized for its strength and smoothness of flavour, the Tanzanian bean is famed for its deep, fruit-heavy body and spicy, peppery finish – which is perfectly grounded by the earthy, chocolate tones of the Indonesian Sumatra.

    Best Enjoyed..

    Perfect as a small, strong shot of espresso first thing in the morning or as a longer Americano later in the day.

    This cup of coffee can more than hold its own with milk, so can also be drunk as a luxurious cappuccino or latte.

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