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Baileys Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu
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Baileys Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu

This is a proper October showstopper. Smothered in cream, mascarpone & baileys, soaked in rich espresso - and topped off with some fantastic spun sugar. It’s simply stunning, and will blow everyone away.

What you'll need:

Serves 10 (very generously)

The Tiramisu

  • 75ml Baileys (we've used their Pumpkin Spice but any will do)

  • 300ml brewed coffee (we love our Organic Honduran for this!)

  • 568ml Pot double cream

  • 250g Tub mascarpone

  • 250g Dark chocolate

  • 175g Pack sponge fingers

  • 2 tsp Cocoa powder

  • 1 x Small pumpkin

The Spun Sugar

    • 300g Granulated Sugar

    • 6 Hazelnuts

    • 6 Toothpicks


    The Tiramisu

    1. First things first, we need to dehydrate the pumpkin. Core, peel and slice the pumpkin up (making each slice as thin as you can), then place in the oven on the lowest temperature until brittle and dr. Save a few slices for decoration, but blitz the rest into a fine dust.

    2. Next, mix the cream, mascarpone and Baileys together in a bowl and whisk until soft peaks form - leaving aside for the next step.

    3. Melt the chocolate until runny, then use it to sandwich two sponge fingers together. Let them cool until properly stuck, then place into the cold espresso for a couple of seconds on each side and then layer them in the dish. Next spread a good dollop full of the cream mixture to cover the biscuits, then dust with cocoa powder and sprinkle with the pumpkin dust. Repeat this to create 3 to 4 layers or until the dish is full (this all depends on the size of the dish you're using, so it'll take a bit of guesswork).

    4. Leave the dish in the fridge for at least a couple of hours, as it's essential to let it stand. Remove, then garnish with the remaining pumpkin slices, spun sugar (see below) and serve.

    The Sugar

    1. Now, here we get a little bit tricky. Place the sugar in a frying pan on a medium heat, and when the sugar around the edges starts to melt, swirl the pan to incorporate this into the rest of the sugar (don't stir).

    2. Once all the sugar has melted and become liquid take it off the heat, (you should be looking for a beautiful amber colour)

    3. Next, place the hazelnuts onto a skewer or toothpick and dip them into the caramel. Get a good amount on, and place the toothpick on a ledge (we suggest tape or blu-tack to keep the skewers in place), allowing the mixture to naturally drip down to the floor, creating a very long tear drop effect. Be sure to put some tinfoil down underneath to catch any escaping toffee.

    4. Next take a teaspoon and place into the sugar, raise up and allow the sugar syrup to fall back into the pan. At some point the sugar liquid will become sufficiently cooled for you to start touching it with your hands and pulling a strand from the spoon to start making spun sugar. But be careful, and don't handle until you're sure it's cool enough. Pull the sugar in one continuous strand onto some grease proof and continue until it breaks and then repeat. If at any point your sugar solution becomes too cold and firm just pop it back onto a medium heat and carefully reheat.

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