Creating a cup of coffee that's better for you, our producers, and the planet...

By choosing CRU Kafe you're not just getting a better tasting cup of coffee - you're helping to support a better future for yourself, our coffee farmers, and our planet. By buying organic, you're ensuring that your cup of coffee is free from pesticides & solvents, grown by communities who are paid a fair wage, without the use of any aggressive farming practices.

No Pesticides or Solvents
No Aggressive Farming Practices
Fair Wages & Reinvestment

Say no to pesticides and solvents...

Commercially-grown coffee is the most sprayed crop on the planet, with harmful pesticides & solvents used to maximise yields. These chemicals not only get into the coffee beans themselves, but seeps into the soil & local flora. By buying Organic, you can be sure that our coffees are farmed using only natural fertilisers, creating a cleaner cup for you & the planet.

Say no to burnt & bitter coffee...

Are coffees are carefully picked to celebrate the best flavour profiles the coffee world has to offer. Unlike high-intensity coffee farming, our beans are shade-grown in small, communal garden-plots sometimes not bigger than 10 or 15 plants. Here, the sugars and flavours develop slower amongst native flora, giving our coffees a taste like no other.

Say no to unfair wages for producers...

The coffee industry is often not a fair one. Farmers are blighted by climate change, expensive fertilisers and equipment, and volatile market prices. By buying Fairtrade & Organic, you're helping provide a safety net for producers across the world, as well as raising money to provide communities with running water, schools and important infrastructure projects.

Organic VS Non-Organic Coffee

Organic coffee offers a richer, more authentic taste, with vibrant flavors and aromas that are a true reflection of the coffee’s origin, free from the interference of synthetic chemicals and pesticides.