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    About this coffee

    This is a dark, robust and powerful coffee built upon an organic Tanzanian bean prized for its strength and smoothness of flavour - which in turn is grounded by the earthy, chocolate tones of the Indonesian Sumatra. Perfect as a small, strong shot of espresso first thing in the morning or as a longer Americano later in the day, our Intense blend gives us that extra kick of caffeine without the burnt bitterness that so often comes with Robusta.

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    the Kagera Co-operative

    Our Tanzanian bean comes from the Kagera Co-operative Union, a Voluntary Association of 125 Primary Cooperative Societies representing over 60,000 small farmers of the mainly Robusta Coffee in Kagera. It is scattered within the districts of Bukoba, Muleba and Misenye – where the three districts cover about 15000 sq km. Famed for its deep, fruit-heavy body and spicy, peppery finish, the Tanzanian Robusta bean has an aroma that exhibits a rustic note and a brown ‘breadsweetness’. The aftertaste lingers with a slight suggestion of East African wildness, whilst the acidity levels are slightly muted compared to Kenyan coffee.

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    Full bodied and awakening!



    This is a good, strong coffee for those who like a real coffee 'hit'



    Fast delivery, lovely packaging (I keep most of the boxes for storage-I love their design) and best of all the most delicious coffee. A really well thought through brand in all aspects from advertising to coffee quality and website design, all excellently executed. Bravo.



    Still working though the different coffee types, however to date they have been very tasty. Maybe leave it a month before sending out the review

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