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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Intense Roast

“Punchy and powerful, our Intense blend is a classic european mix of Arabica & Robusta beans - a traditional Italian espresso with an added kick in the tail"

Organic Intense Roast

10 pack for Nespresso® Machines

A bold and adventurous coffee with a powerful body that dominates the palate, before finishing on a smoky sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

"Drinking your coffee is a rare experience in so much as it’s not only a wonderful flavour but far out weighs anticipation."

David B., August 2018

A Little Kick in The Tail...

For years, Italian roasters looking for the ultimate espresso have been including a small amount of Robusta in their blends. When sourced well and carefully roasted, Robustas can add a lot to your coffee experience; creating a much thicker, richer crema than Arabica beans - and their added astringency means that whilst the delicate flavours of many Arabicas are lost when milk is added, the big, bold flavours of Robustas shine through.

How To Drink It

Enjoy as either a short, black espresso or a longer drink when mixed with milk. With more caffeine than our arabica blends, it also works well as a pre- or post-workout coffee, giving you a shot of energy to fuel your workout when you most need it. Be careful not to pour this coffee too long, however - Robusta is more soluble than Arabica, and over-extraction will leave you with a bitter, burnt cup of coffee.