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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Decaf

“Vibrant, deep & bursting with flavour this Single Origin is roasted medium-dark to bring out the best of an overwhelmingly enjoyable Peruvian bean”

Organic Decaf

10 pack for Nespresso® Machines

With a deep, malted body and smooth mouthfeel, this beautifully balanced espresso is a perfect example of the versatility and strength of Peruvian coffee.

"Absolutely fantastic, this is the best coffee I have ever had. The flavour is perfect for me. Love the fact it is organic and the pods can be recycled. Just the best coffee and company and I wouldn’t go elsewhere now."

Kraig D., November 2018

'Sparkling Water' Decaf...
Decaffeinating coffee is a delicate science, and too often results in losing too much of the bean’s flavour. The vast majority (around 75%) of the world’s decaf is produced with Methylene Chloride - a solvent that, whilst harmless, is not as effective as other methods. Here at CRU we use the CO2 method which preserves as much of the flavour characteristics as possible - it’s 100% natural, and all waste products from the process are either reused or recycled.

How To Drink It

Much like our Light Roast, this is a naturally light, clean and sweet coffee - so best enjoyed without milk as either a short espresso or longer americano, where high notes of hazelnut and sweetened honey give way to a clean finish, leaving the palate refreshed and fragrant.