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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Decaf

“Vibrant, deep, and bursting with flavour, our decaf coffee is roasted medium-dark to bring out the best of an overwhelmingly enjoyable Peruvian bean, and an entirely new way to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU”

Organic Decaf

10 coffee bags per pack

Naturally light, this Peruvian bean is a fantastically versatile bean with a range and depth perfect for those looking for an enjoyable, easy-drinking decaf. With a nutty, almost malty, aroma and chocolatey base, the first sip gives flavours of a rich tea biscuit, soon making way for a wave of roasted nuts that flows over the tongue. High notes of hazelnut and sweetened honey give way to a clean finish, leaving the palate refreshed and fragrant.

"Here at CRU, we believe that nothing should get between you and a great cup of coffee - and that’s why we’ve created our range of single-serve, organic coffee bags. All you need is some hot water and you’ve got yourself a cup of freshly-roasted, deliciously smooth, full-bodied coffee - at home, in your office, on holiday; wherever your day takes you!"

Colin Pyle, CEO, CRU Kafe

A New Way to Enjoy CRU Kafe

Our coffee bags are the new way to enjoy your favourite cup of CRU Kafe. Packed full of freshly-roasted organic coffee, they're 'tea bags with a twist' - and as close to instant coffee as we're ever likely to come.

All you need to do is pop one of our bags in a mug with some hot water, and you'll have a full-bodied, silky smooth filter-style coffee in no time.

How To Drink It

  1. Open your coffee bag and pop it into your coffee cup
  2. Slowly pour over hot water (just off the boil)
  3. Wait for a few seconds, then give the bag a squeeze & stir
  4. Leave to brew (between 3-5mins is recommended, but feel free to experiment!)
  5. Remove the coffee bag, adding milk & sugar if required.

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