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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

CRU KeepCup

CRU KeepCup

227ml 8oz

Designed for coffee lovers on the move. Made from fully tempered soda lime glass it also features a beautiful natural cork band, made in Portugal using waste product from wine manufacturing.

- Soda-lime tempered glass
- Up-cycled cork band
- Dishwasher safe (just remember to remove the cork band!)

"Love the cup. quirky, compact and looks great"

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Made to last...

KeepCup's philosophy is centred around the belief of 'Fewer, Better things'.

They may not be able to get away with using zero plastic in their products, but but if you're only using one cup instead of countless disposable ones, we feel like you're on the right track.

A Product of Quality...

The tempered soda-lime glass is durable, shock resistant, dishwasher safe and can withstand high temperatures. The cork bands are upcycled from the waste by-product of wine cork production in Portugal, and is bound using a vegan food grade polyurethane. The bands are water resistant, antibacterial and heat resistant - just be sure to remove the cork before putting your keepcup in the dishwasher!