Organic Dark Roast

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A true celebration of the big and the bold, this stunning trio of Arabicas is roasted dark to create a gorgeously full-bodied espresso that’s brimming with berry and rich chocolate.

Taste Notes

Dark Chocolate, Walnut & Blackberry


Body: Smooth
Acidity: Low
Sweetness: Medium
Bitterness: Well-balanced

Serving Suggestion

Perfect for an espresso, or mix with milk where its bittersweet body can thrive.

100% Recyclable

From our pods to our packaging, everything's recyclable - and we're proud to have been the first independent coffee company to sign up to the nationwide PODBACK scheme.

100% Organic

All our coffees are certified organic, which means produced with natural, certified fertilisers which not only use less energy but leaves much less of a footprint on the communities that use them.

100% Fairtade

We work with Fairtrade producers and co-operatives from across the globe - and the premiums we pay go to support healthcare, infrastructure, plant nurseries and more.

Organic simply tastes better

Organic farming practices result in higher quality beans. These practices include avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, which can negatively affect the flavour. Organic coffee beans are typically grown in more sustainable, nutrient-rich soils, leading to a fuller, richer taste. 

What our customers are saying

Better For You, Our Producers & The Planet...

We only ever source coffee that is both Organic & Fairtrade Certified. Not only does in ensure the coffee we buy is of the highest quality around, but it means all our producers are paid a fair wage, investing our premiums into the communities and towns our growers support.