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Super Simple Coffee Chocolate Mousse
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Super Simple Coffee Chocolate Mousse

These little darlings are a super simple coffee dessert for any occasion. They're rich, they're decadent, but you're only having a little, so just enjoy yourself.


Makes 4 small coffee-cup-sized mousses


  1. Brew your coffee. If you're using pods, brew two short espressos until you get to 90ml in total, and if you're using another method, make sure you make your coffee stronger than usual. Set aside for now.

  2. Pour the cream into a into a heavy-bottomed pan and on a low heat bring to a careful simmer. Add the coffee.

  3. In a separate, heat-proof bowl, break up the chocolate into chunks and pour over the coffee and cream mixture, then stir continuously over a heat until all the ingredients are incorporated.

  4. Take it off the heat, and let the mousse cool for 10-15 mins. After this, separate out into your 4 coffee cups and out them in the fridge to set (this usually takes about an hour.)

  5. Before serving, shave a small amount of dark chocolate on top for that finishing touch. And if you fancy it, pop a couple of mini marshmallows on there for good measure. This mousse will be good in the fridge for a few days, but just make sure to take them out for 30mins before serving to let them ever so slightly warm up. 


If you wanted to add a little flavour 'twist' to this dessert you could add a chilli or a cinnamon stick to the cream as you bring it up to heat.  Allow the chilli or cinnamon to sit in their for about 5 minutes to infuse properly - just remember to remove before adding the coffee!



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