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    by Katie Colvin February 28, 2019

    Bullet coffee is a concept that’s always intrigued us here at CRU Kafe. Originating in Silicon Valley but now very much part of the global coffee culture, fitness junkies claim this paleo-friendly start to the day has numerous health benefits - keeping you fuller for longer & increasing energy - but is this all just a step too far?

    The Premise

    Basically, the original Bullet Coffee is made of three ingredients - Coffee, Butter & Brain Oil (a form of MCT oil). The idea behind this drink is far-reaching; it’s an quick, easy and most importantly carb-less way to knock back over 400 calories as soon as you’re up - supposedly supporting ketosis, increased cognitive functionality, mental clarity, and - thanks to all the fats - a gentler, steadier dose of energy throughout the morning.

    Our Version

    Whilst this all sounds great, it does seem a bit on the extreme side - so we’ve taken some of the thinking behind the fast-paced Silicon Valley original and made our own, more-manageable version:

    1. The Fat

    Here, we've substituted the traditional ingredient (grass-fed butter) found in Bullet Coffee for a much more easy-to-stomach fat - namely milk. The only thing is that you'll want to make sure you go for one on the fatty-side if you want to make sure you've got the best chance to see some of the benefits mentioned above (increased energy, a more 'balanced' caffeine rush) - but as you'll be getting most of the benefits from the oil (see below), feel free to substitute this out for a dairy-free alternative if you wish. If this is more your cup of tea (or coffee, of course!), then - as always - we'd recommend our friends over at Rude Health, who have a huge range of organic dairy-free drinks.

    2. The Oil

    For the slightly scary-sounding MCT Brain Oil, we’ve substituted in Skinny & Co's hand picked, wild harvested, single origin, alkaline  Coconut Oil. It boasts the same kind of health benefits (see here for a full list) as MCT Oil, combats coffee’s natural acidity, and, well, we think it tastes a lot better as well.

    3. The Coffee

    At least this is something we haven't had to change too much! If you're using a Nespresso machine, then we suggest a coffee that has the body to cut through this added fat and milk - such as our Colombian, Dark Roast or Indian. A long shot (around 90ml) of any of these will do the trick perfectly.

    For the non-Nespresso users of the world, our Organic Honduran ground will work well - but we'd recommend around 150-200ml per serving, as it is not as strong as our capsule coffee.

    Recipe (in summary)

      • Coffee - either 90-100ml espresso, or 150-200ml brewed coffee.
      • Milk (preferably full-fat) - 20ml, or as much as you'd have in your usual coffee.
      • Coconut Oil - 1 heaped teaspoon

    The Results

    What you should notice first is the texture. It adds a velvety richness to the coffee, coating your mouth and lingering on the palate. In terms of office popularity it’s a bit polarising, with the advocates (including yours truly) claiming a less-jittery, longer lasting morning caffeine kick - as well as enjoying the taste of this silky, sweet (but not-too-sweet) coffee. But we’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself! 

    Coconut Oil - The Benefits

    Skinny & Co's Coconut Oil is one of a kind - requiring 50% more coconut's to produce than other oils, it's currently the only chemical-free, additive-free, non-acidic oil out there on the market. But what exactly are the benefits?

    Coconut Oil & your metabolism

    Coconut oil can help with weight loss by speeding up your metabolic rate. This can be explained by activating the thyroid to the extent it prevents the inhibitory effects of unsaturated fat, therefore protecting against general oxidative damage the effect it has on the thyroid. And due to the abundance of short and medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in coconut oil, there are 100 fewer calories per pound than in unsaturated vegetable oils. 

    Coconut Oil & your heart

    There are many impediments to heart health, and among the culprits are oxidised omega-6 fats, trans fats and the presence of toxic chemicals in the body. However, adding Skinny Coconut Oil to your bullet coffee has shown to protect heart cells due to the rich concentration of lauric acid, promoting a healthy cardiovascular system.

    Coconut Oil & your brain health

    MCFAs in coconut oil are a type of fat that the body can convert to a fuel called ketones. Made in the liver, ketones travel to the brain where they provide an alternative to glucose! The brain's ability to use this alternate fuel can result in an almost immediate improvement in the ability to process information and make decisions.

    Coconut Oil & your energy

    MCFA’s are absorbed in the small intestine, and then immediately transported to the liver for use as energy - providing you with a natural, long-lasting energy boost that is much more effective than sugars, grains and carbohydrates.

    For more info - and to shop Skinny & Co  products - head to Pureraw here.

    Katie Colvin
    Katie Colvin

    Marketing is my thing, and my favourite work out is a french press.

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