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Our Journey to B Corp™
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Our Journey to B Corp™

As of 2022, we are incredibly proud to say that CRU Kafe is a Certified B Corporation® - joining a group of more than 4,000 companies around the world with each and every one part of a global movement that is focused on using business as a force for good. 


We founded CRU Kafe back in 2013 with a clear purpose. At a time when most coffee available to everyday consumers was of questionable taste (and even more questionable provenance) we wanted to champion speciality grade beans that we could be sure were sourced ethically & fairly - benefitting not only our customers, but our producers and growers as well. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, but this mindset has stayed with us since the beginning, and is something we will always adhere to.


Since 2013, we’ve always been moving forward, believing that we must be the change we seek in the world. The coffee industry is plagued with issues, and whilst our progress hasn’t always been as straightforward as we’ve wanted it to be, we can be proud of how far we’ve come, and what we’re looking to achieve in the future.


2015 - Organic certification

In 2015, we were officially granted our Organic Certification from the Soil Association. From day one, we’ve only ever sourced organic coffee, believing not only in the quality of the end product, but the low-intensity, chemical-free farming that makes sure the land can be used and farmed for generations to come. 

2018 - The move to aluminium

Our next big step forward came in 2018, when we moved our coffee pods from plastic to aluminium. Whilst our original plastic pods were recyclable, they presented difficulties that we simply weren’t prepared to live with, and by moving to 100% recyclable aluminium, we made a huge step forward.

2019 - Our first Limited Edition

Whilst we’d always had our links to charities in the past, the launch of our Limited Edition Galapagos Capsule was our first official collaboration. These small batch runs celebrate some of the rarest and most exceptional coffees in the world and by forming relationships with local charities and coffee growers, we’re able to champion these origins whilst making a real difference on the ground as well.

2021 - Recycling revolution

2021 was a huge year for CRU Kafe. Not only were we the first independent coffee company to sign up to Podback - the UK’s first free nationwide recycling scheme for coffee capsules - but we at last introduced packaging for our bean and ground range that finally meant our entire coffee offering was completely recyclable. For an industry which has all sorts of difficulties when it comes to sustainable, environmental packaging, this was our biggest step forward to date - and one that we are incredibly proud of.


Whilst we’ve made some strides over the last few years, there’s going to be no resting on our laurels. The B Corp philosophy is centred around purpose and progress, and there’s no use pretending that there’s nothing left to improve - we’ll be looking to take even more steps forward in the future, seeking to build on the progress we’ve made since we were founded and make CRU Kafe more accountable, more transparent, and more responsible than ever before.

The B Corp Movement is here to transform the role of business in our society, “where people and planet are prioritised, and businesses are held accountable” (Debra Dunn, Global Board Member of B Lab). This is something that all companies, no matter what industry or sector, need to strive for; and it’s what CRU Kafe will be doing in the years to come.





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