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Our New Pod

We’ve been researching this for nearly 3 years, so this isn’t a decision we’ve taken lightly, but basically, it comes down to the three main things - the environment, compatibility and taste…

Environment- when it comes to the environment, aluminium wins hands down. Infinitely recyclable, nearly 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today - and unlike our old pods, all you have to do is scoop out the coffee and pop it in your normal recycling.

Compatibility -These pods are our most compatible ever. We’ve had some issues with our old plastic pods (especially on older machines) but because these pods now pierce exactly like Nespresso®’s own pods, they work perfectly on all kitchen top Nespresso machines. 

Taste- These pods are now completely airtight, which means they taste better for longer.

For the first run of our pods, you might notice that the colours are different from those displayed online. Not to worry, they’re the exact same pods, with the exact same coffee in them - and the new pods will be available very soon!

We’ve spent the last three years looking for a 100% compostable pod, but unfortunately, this pod has yet to materialise.

Besides the compatibility issues that we experienced with virtually every compostable pod that we tried, the real deciding factor came when we drilled down into exactly how the pods could be composted - with our research* showing that even with the best of intentions, only 15% of capsules would composted correctly.

*We worked with DEFRA & WRAP on this research (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) - with both saying that Aluminium was, for the time being at least, the most recyclable of all pod types.

We’ve decided move in line with the rest of the industry and make each of our packs 10 pods, instead of 12. This helps make our pricing clearer (especially when comparing with other brands) and also allows us to make new, letterbox friendly packs for people ordering online.

Easy. Just scoop out the coffee with a blunt knife or spoon, pop the coffee on your compost heap, and pop your pod in your usual household recycling.

For more info, head

No - as of July 2018, we’ve ceased production of our old plastic pods, and now solely product our new aluminium pods. There may be some 3rd party sellers still selling our old pods, but this is out of our control.

Our New Taste

With the launch of our new pods, we’ve invested in our production line and now have a lot more control over the blending, roasting & grinding of our beans - so you might notice a slight change in taste in your favourite coffee. bad crop or poor harvest season might mean that we have to source our beans from other farms - and whilst we’ll always try to recreate the blend as close to the original as possible, there’s always going to be small changes in taste every now and then…

We've got some great news here! Our new pods are actually designed for both short and long pours - just took a lot of tweaking to get the grind just right.

Our New Pricing

There are three main reasons for this...

Coffee’s getting more expensive.Without going into too much detail, coffee is costing everyone a lot more to buy. That’s why Nespresso® put their prices up earlier this year, and whilst we’ve been keeping our prices low for our customers, we can’t do it forever.

We only ever buy the best. We know there’s cheaper coffee out there, but we refuse to compromise on quality. We’ll always use only the best organic we can find - and nothings going to change that.

Aluminium’s more expensive than plastic. Our new pod is simply more expensive to produce than our old, plastic model. It also happens to work better, keeps our coffee tasting better for longer, and is 100% recyclable - a compromise that we’re happy with.