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A New Way to Explore CRU Kafe
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A New Way to Explore CRU Kafe

We’re very excited to announce our new & refreshed pod range, designed to celebrate and shout about what makes our coffees so special. We’ve made our packaging clearer, cleaner and more stylish whilst adding a load of new touches and tweaks to help elevate the way you experience our coffees both in your home and on our website.

Changing the way we look at our coffees

We put a lot of effort into sourcing the most unusual beans there are in order to create beautifully simple & unique single origins and more complex, unexpected blends - so we felt that we really wanted to champion what each of these types of coffee mean to us. For this, we’ve created three distinct categories.

House Blends

Our house blends are inspired by our love for the extraordinary, creating a range of blended coffees each with their own distinct taste profile and flavour notes. From bright and fruity citrus to deep and dark caramel, we’ve got something special for everyone; paying close attention to the personality and the context of the blend to make sure we’ve a coffee for every occasion. From a bright and mellow Light Roast on a Sunday afternoon, to a short and sharp shot Intense to get you going on Monday morning, we’ve got you covered.



Premier Origins

Our range of superior Single Origins are the true jewels of the coffee world; a collection of unique and unusual beans, each and every one a coffee roaster’s dream. These Premier Origins are created to celebrate the country of origin, but also the individual farmers and cooperatives that grow them, so we’ll be bringing you more transparency and information about exactly where our Premier Origins come from, and why we think they’re so special.



Grand Editions

There is rare, and then there is our Grand Editions. These are our limited edition, small-run batches that simply can’t be missed. Each one will have their own special story to tell, and we’re going to make sure we start shouting about them from the rooftops.



Making each sip matter

Our coffees are extremely special to us, and that’s why we’ve invested a lot more time in really digging into each of our coffees.

Strength - what’s in a number?

Each of our coffees now have their own strength number, indicating . It’s something that we know you’ve all been wanting for a long time, and we've worked extremely hard to make sure the numbers are as clear as possible; so you know exactly what to expect from each and every one of our coffees.

What to learn more about our strength scale?



Taste - it’s more than just flavour

We’ve always championed our taste notes, but there’s obviously more to our coffees than that. Quite frankly, we weren’t sure if our customers would be interested in roast profiles, acidity levels and body-type, but it turns out that you’re just obsessed with coffee as we are.

So to give our customers as clear a picture as possible of our coffees, we’ve introduced a range of new characteristics and serving suggestions that paint a much truer picture of our beans.

What Else?

This is really just the beginning. Over the next few months we’re looking to transform our entire coffee selection, paying close attention to exactly what you want, and how we can make the experience better for you. We’ll be taking a closer look at each of our beans, bringing stories of origin and producers to the forefront, whilst keeping true to our mission of making high quality organic, fairtrade coffee accessible to everyone!

If you’ve any thoughts, or anything else you’d like to see us doing in the future, then please feel free to reach out to us at - we’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions.



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