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Strength - What's in a Number?
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Strength - What's in a Number?

Why we’ve taken so long to add a strength scale

We’ve come a long way since we started CRU Kafe. Back then, we had a single ‘Flat White’ coffee pod (you’d know this now as our Light Roast), and were determined to change the way people viewed coffee in a pod.

We wanted to move away from the normal way to measure coffee - strength - and instead focus on the flavours of the coffee itself, championing taste notes and aromas instead. A lot’s changed since then, including the way most people drink coffee. People are now more interested in taste profiles and high notes, body-length and acidity level - which is fantastic. But people still find strength levels useful, and we’ve finally decided to get in on the game, but embrace it our way.

What does strength mean for CRU Kafe Coffees?

We’ve taken a lot of care over our strength scale, taking into account a range of factors from roast level to taste notes to body type. We’ll dive into those a bit further on, but first there is something that we need to make clear.

Strength level does not equal caffeine level.

Caffeine levels do not come into our strength scale, at all. Caffeine levels can vary hugely depending on bean type, growing conditions and even roast level, and can often be illogical; for instance, our Light Roast has more caffeine than our Colombian, but the latter is by far a ‘stronger’ coffee in terms of flavour and mouthfeel.

Our Scale
Mild - 6-7  

Light Roast, Decaf

With an emphasis on higher, floral notes, our mild coffees are bright and full of flavour; perfect for those looking to explore the unique and  the unexpected. 
Look for notes of bright fruits, citrus and sweet nuts.

Medium - 8-9

Dark Roast, Colombian

Sitting between the two, these coffees are a fantastic way to enjoy the more unusual aspects of our beans whilst keeping them grounded in chocolate-heavy bodies that are generally deeper and longer on the tongue.
Look for notes of berries, toasted nuts & milk chocolate.

Strong - 10+

Intense, Espresso, Indian

Big & bold, these coffees are roasted for longer, transforming flavours of fruit, nut & citrus into smoky notes of ripe berries, dark chocolate and sticky-treacle.
Look for notes of rich chocolate, dark sugars and wood.

Still not clear?

Hopefully this has made our strength scale nice and clear, but if you have any questions or issues (or just plain don’t agree with us!), please don’t hesitate to get in touch at



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