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Iced Coffee, 3 Ways
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Iced Coffee, 3 Ways

Ah, the UK Summer. As soon as the temperature reaches the middle 20s, the country's in chaos. People searching for any vessel big enough to use as a makeshift paddling pool, others slapping on suncream, and the rest of us staring in bewilderment at the price of a 99 Flake...

Somehow, a scalding hot cup of coffee doesn't quite seem the ideal drink - so here we have 3 recipes to make iced coffee at home with your usual CRU Kafe coffee. So now you can get your caffeine hit, no matter what the temperature is. 

    Option I - Nespresso Compatible Capsules

    Makes 1 cup of coffee - perfect for when you need a quick, cooling caffeine-kick.

    What You Need


    Simply pour a short shot of espresso (around 40ml) into a glass over your ice cubes. Once done, top up with cold water to your desired level.

    Option II - Coffee Bags

    Serves 4 - you'll need 24 hours for this, so make it in advance. For more people, just adjust the ingredients below.

    What You Need


    Simply pop the coffee bags into the jug, fill with water, cover, and leave in the fridge for 24 hours. You'd probably be okay drinking this at around the 15 hour mark, but to get the real cold brew experience - and flavour - leave it for the full 24 hours.

    Option III - Ground Coffee

    Serves as many as you want - just use the rule of thumb of around 150-200ml of water per cup, use the ratio below and you'll be blown away...

    What You Need

      • A pour over method (either a V60 or Chemex would work great!)
      • Boiling water, slightly cooled (150-200ml per cup)
      • Organic Espresso Ground Coffee (20-25g per cup)


    Boil your water, and let cool slightly. Add ice to brewing vessel and ground coffee to filter. Start slowly pouring the hot water over the coffee in a circular motion and let sit for about a minute to bloom (you can read more about the importance of coffee blooming here!)

    Once the blooming is complete, continue pouring the remaining hot water over the grounds. Once the brewing is complete, pour over another cup of ice and serve! Add milk and sugar to taste, if necessary.

    Looking for a real caffeine kick?

    Look no further than our Organic Indian. Our only Robusta bean, this high quality coffee packs nearly twice the amount of caffeine as it's Arabica brother. In fact, we love our Indian bean so much, we've included it in a few of our blends. 



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