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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Indian

“A beautiful Single Origin from the world’s leading producer of high quality Robusta. It's big, it's bold, and it's got plenty of punch.”

Organic Indian

10 pack for Nespresso® Machines

A vibrant roast from the highlands of India, this intensely rich & chocolatey coffee displays all of the warmth and spirit of its country of origin.

"Best, best, best coffee pods around! No bitterness or aftertaste like Nespresso’s pods, amazing aroma, rich crema... I cannot do without these now."

Joanna G., January 2019

An Indian Gem...

A beautiful coffee from the highlands of India, this bean is a great example of why the country is known as the world’s leading producer of quality Robusta. With a strong, smoky aroma and a depth and complexity not normally found in other Robustas, this bean is bursting with a smoky-sweetness and highlighted by notes of cedar wood and, uniquely, a very delicate liquorice finish.

How To Drink It

Enjoyed as either a short, black espresso or a longer drink when mixed with milk. The thick crema and rich body of the Indian bean cuts perfectly with milk, and with twice the amount of caffeine than our arabica blends this is also the perfect pre- or post- workout coffee. Be careful not to pour this coffee too long, however - Robusta is more soluble than Arabica, and over-extraction will leave you with a bitter, burnt cup of coffee.