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by Adele Bilotta April 29, 2022

We have always believed that there is something beautiful about the process of manually brewing coffee and this is perfectly embodied by the Chemex. If you needed any confirmation, this hourglass-shaped coffee vessel invented in 1941, is featured in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Our personal favourite brewing method at CRU HQ, the Chemex produces a light and clean cup of coffee. Its all-glass construction and thick, tight woven filter papers mean that the unwanted fats or oils in a coffee is filtered out, resulting in a coffee that is light, bright and brimming with the high taste notes of a blend.

For a coffee that tastes just as beautiful as the vessel it is brewed in, check out our guide to brewing the perfect Chemex.


Medium - Coarse (20g)
** Our Organic Signature Blend brews beautifully in a Chemex!


270g (just below boiling)

Brewing Time

3-4 minutes

Step 1

To prepare your Chemex, place a folded filter into it, then pre-wet with hot water to remove papery taste and preheat your vessel. Discard the hot water by holding onto the filter while you tip it over. Add your coffee grounds and give it a shake to make sure everything is evenly distributed.

Step 2

In a circular motion, add approximately 40g of hot water to your grounds; this is your blooming stage. Give it a few quick stirs to agitate the coffee (so that all of the grounds are saturated) and let it bloom for 30 seconds.

** Blooming is a quick bubbling and release of carbon dioxide from the roasted coffee. Blooming is essential to getting the most out of your pour over coffee - carbon dioxide can have a sour taste so letting it bloom will ultimately result in a sweeter, less acidic brew. The general rule of thumb is approximately double the amount of water, or a little less, to the amount of grounds.

Step 3

Continue to pour in another 90g of hot water around the edges of the filter to wash down any grinds - there shouldn't be any dry grounds floating above the surface. Wait about 10 seconds, and repeat until you have poured all 270g of water.

Step 4

Finishing your Chemex at 270g, giving the vessel a few  light swirls to create a vortex and hence an even extraction.

Carefully remove the filter once your coffee has finished brewing, pour into your favourite mug, and most importantly enjoy!


Adele Bilotta
Adele Bilotta

Birthstone is a coffee bean. Head of Customer Experience and resident American.

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