Many factors can affect the flavour of a coffee bean; where it grows in the world, how much rain and sun it gets, how it’s dried, and the soil it’s grown with... Slight changes in any of these variables will multiply down the bean’s growing cycle, affecting acidity, sweetness, body and profile. Whether they come from Ethiopia, Columbia, Honduras, or Sumatra, the crops will unveil distinctive flavours, mouthfeels, smells, and shades of brown, making every origin a recognisable sensory experience.

We source the highest quality beans, from the world’s best terroir, and encapsulate signature blends that realise the potential of each region. Grounded in ethical principles, we collaborate with farmers who follow rigorous organic farming processes, using zero pesticides or chemicals, but instead fertilisers that come from the forest and its soil, leading to an incredibly rich flavour and impeccable quality of their coffee crops. By bypassing intensive farming practices, we prevent deforestation and support the conservation of wildlife, birds & vegetation.

We nurture a community of coffee purists and aficionados, who, just like us, champion taste, quality and ethical values. Every month, those fellow coffee lovers, together with our luxury hotel partners around the world, choose CRU above all others. Their loyalty motivates us to seek out and discover the hidden jewels of the coffee world, to provide coffee moments simply superior to anything you’ve tried before. We never take coffee for granted - we challenge ourselves to surprise your taste buds and exhilarate your senses, with every cup.

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