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As part of our recent B Corp certification, we have pledged as a company to donate 5% of our time annually to charitable causes.

In 2022, we've chosen to partner with The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network (TERN).

CRU Kafe will be helping TERN in 3 key areas.

  1. Advising coffee oriented businesses and social enterprises.
  2. Supporting with the continued development of the ANQA Collective ecommerce site
  3. Specialist advice and mentoring to the TERN Community through the TERN Advisors volunteering programme.

Who are TERN?

TERN is an ambitious social enterprise and an ever growing community with a mission to enable refugees to thrive through the power of their own ideas. They support refugee entrepreneurs in the creation and development of their own small-to-medium sized businesses, providing business services at three identified stages of the entrepreneurial process: business exploration, business start-up and business growth.

TERN and its experienced volunteer community of over 300 industry experts, entrepreneurs and consultants are supporting 250 refugee entrepreneurs in 2020, with a goal to launch 2,000 refugee-led businesses by 2025. 

In short, their mission is to enable refugees to thrive through the power of their own ideas.

The Director of Social Innovation at TERN, Fred Kastner, says:
"We are very proud and honoured to be chosen by CRU for this awesome commitment as you embody the B Corp ethos. Very cool! And all team members involved are excited about it, as I am sure the entrepreneurs who benefit will be."  



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