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Meet our farmers: Aldemo Paz Alvarado
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Meet our farmers: Aldemo Paz Alvarado

A Coffee farmers inspiring journey to sustainable practice

Aldemo Paz Alvarado is a 61-year-old coffee farmer in the Corquin region of Honduras who has dedicated his entire life to farming. He comes from a long line of farmers, with agriculture deeply rooted in his family’s history, and despite his age, Aldemo possesses incredible physical powers, effortlessly climbing trees and harvesting bananas to help him and his family live off the land. His expertise lies in agroforestry, utilising various plant species as barriers and employing natural pest control methods, not only growing crops for sustenance, but also cultivating a wide variety of produce that can be sold for profit. When we met in Honduras back in November, Joe and I (Jennifer) were amazed at how Aldemo embraces the principles of sustainable farming, utilising “microorganisms” as fertilisers and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the land.

Aldemo’s profound connection to the environment is evident in his respectful approach to farming. He seeks permission from the land before taking anything from it, and demonstrates his love for nature by hugging trees. His commitment to wildlife conservation is also remarkable, as he ensures that his farm provides fruit and shade cover, serving as a source of food for cattle, birds, and other wild animals.

We couldn’t be more proud to highlight and support our farmers, their communities, and the faces behind our delicious, certified coffee. Here’s four reasons why we love working with Aldemo:

Living a fulfilling life through farming

Serving as an exemplary model of how farming can create a prosperous and fulfilling life beyond mere sustenance. Aldemo's dedication and expertise have allowed him to thrive in his agricultural pursuits.

Knowledge and Tradition

Embodying the notion that knowledge is not only acquired through formal education, but is also deeply tied to experience and tradition. His wealth of farming knowledge has been accumulated through years of practical farming techniques passed down through generations

Sharing knowledge

Taking an active role in sharing his expertise with other producers, teaching them his innovative and sustainable farming methods. His willingness to impart knowledge reflects his commitment to the advancement of the farming community.

Fairtrade advocacy

While Aldemo seamlessly adheres to Fairtrade practices, he recognises that not all farmers find it easy to do so. His experience highlights the challenges faced by other farmers adopting Fairtrade principles, emphasising the need for broader support and education in this area.

Aldemo’s story as a coffee farmer in Honduras is one of resilience, expertise and a deep connection to the land. His lifelong commitment to sustainable farming practices, agroforestry, and Fairtrade principles serves as an inspiration to our CRU. Aldemo’s dedication to his craft is a testament to the transformative power of sustainable farming and the importance of sharing knowledge. Let his uplifting journey inspire us to embrace sustainability and support farmers in building a brighter future.



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