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CRU in Conversation - Lost Property Hotel, St Pauls
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CRU in Conversation - Lost Property Hotel, St Pauls


A sustainable sanctuary in the heart of London, Lost Property (Curio Collection by Hilton) is committed to hitting new eco-conscious targets. From solar panels and rainwater filtration, to smart light sensors and extensive recycling, sustainability is at the forefront of their values. With in-room offerings showcasing unique products sourced from independent suppliers, enabling the Hotel to enhance the guest experience while reducing their ever-important carbon footprint. 

We caught up with the team to discuss all things sustainability, here’s what they had to say:

Tell us a little more about the Lost Property hotel, and what your role entails. 

I'm Yanal Tarazi, Director of Sales for the hotel. In short, I take care of all things food and beverage, group bookings/itineraries, and corporate events.

A unique stay in London unlike any other. Lost Property is Curio Collection by Hilton, designed to evoke the lost arts and activities of eccentric living with a plethora of curiosities around every corner, boasting unrivalled proximity to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Tate Modern, and the Millennium Bridge.

Lost Property Hotel has been designed with an eclectic mix of elements. From the stylish furniture and artwork to the luxury decor, each detail has been carefully selected to create an unforgettable experience. The walls are lined with visual spectacles, bespoke creations and eclectic sculptures. Our stylish central London hotel is designed for losing yourself, just for a moment.

Since when did you put sustainability at the forefront of your values, and what made you want to do it?

Sustainability has been at the forefront of our values from the very start of building our hotel. For that reason we have installed solar panels on our roof, grey water system that filters the rain water and smart light sensors in all our back of house areas and offices, to name a few. Right at the start we also implemented an extensive recycling scheme within the hotel and since then we have gradually added more sustainable practices as we’ve grown as a hotel and business. We know how important sustainability is to everyone from our guests and corporate clients to our owners and team members, and that has motivated and inspired us to reach the Green Key accreditation for the hotel. 

Can you tell us more about the Green Key International accreditation, how and when you’re hoping to get there?

The Green Key Award is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. It represents a commitment coordinated in line with Hilton’s Travel with Purpose ESG strategy that we are making a promise to our guests to conduct the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability through energy, water and waste conservation but also supporting our communities through local sourcing, volunteering, or donations.

You’ve announced that your hotels are working towards the mission of becoming net-zero: tell us more about what this involves, and what processes you’re putting in place towards this.

We believe that sustainability is everyone's responsibility, and at Lost Property we have a designated team of Green Champions that are driving engaging initiatives throughout the hotel that help us get closer to obtaining our Green Key Accreditation.

To name a few, we have installed low-flow showerheads and faucets to reduce water consumption, we are using timed & LED light bulbs in most hotel areas to reduce energy consumption, we have also partnered with Too Good To Go and sold over 750 “Magic Bags'' to help reduce food wastage and also partnered with Clean the World to recycle all soap bars from the guest bedrooms. 

Specifically about the in-room offering, what are the key factors you look for when you source products? 

As a boutique-style hotel we are committed to sourcing products from independent suppliers in order to give a unique experience to our guests, and offer them curious and interesting options that they can’t easily find elsewhere. We believe that the products that our guests use within the room play an enormous part in their overall experience and opinion of our brand.

We decided to partner with CRU Kafe for many reasons. One being that you are a London-based company with fantastic credentials, as well as the similarities between the brands, such as transparency and ambitious eco-goals.

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