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Our Half Caff - The What, Why & How...
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Our Half Caff - The What, Why & How...

It seems more and more of our customers are becoming increasingly interested in the amount of caffeine in their coffee. In fact, when asked, over half of you (52%) said you drink decaf as a way of monitoring your caffeine intake.

This got us thinking; and over the last year, with more and more questions from our customers about the possibility of a low-caffeine coffee, we decided to take the plunge and create the Half Caff.

So, what exactly is Half Caff?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer. Just like any other blended coffee, we take several beans and mix them together - in this case, we just use 50% of our Peruvian Decaf, and 50% of our full-caff beans (both the Honduran & Colombian in this case). It’s a very easy process, but one that creates a particularly complex and rewarding cup of coffee.


Why did you choose those beans?

The Decaf Angle

When you’ve already found yourself an award winning Peruvian Decaf, there’s not really much point looking elsewhere. Peruvian coffee - in general - is a fantastically versatile crop, with really strong and deep base notes that allows for a little bit of tinkering with the bean. Some coffees just wouldn’t stand up to decaffeination, but with our Peruvian, it actually uncovers a brightness and vibrancy that we feel makes the perfect cup of decaf.

The Full-Caff Angle

When it came to selecting the caffeinated beans to blend alongside our Decaf, however, we weren’t so quick in making our decision. In fact, this particular blend was around the 30th variation we tried - but we’re glad we went to so much effort. To break it down, the Honduran adds an extra depth to the cup, making the body longer and stronger, whilst the Colombian does what it does best and imparts a florality and fruitiness that really makes this coffee shine.


So exactly how much caffeine is in my cup?

Our Half Caff has been independently tested against a range of our fully caffeinated coffees to ensure that there is at least 50% less caffeine present than in our normal range.

What that means for our customers is that there will never be more than 35mg of caffeine in each of our Half Caff pods; In practice, this level will often be considerably lower, but for the purpose of comparison, ‘up to 35mg’ is how will refer to our Half Caff.

If you’d like any more information about these levels or want to enquire about the testing itself, please feel free to contact - but for more information on caffeine in general, please see our Caffeine & Coffee page below:




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