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CRU in Conversation - Andre Chanco of Morning
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CRU in Conversation - Andre Chanco of Morning

Based in Singapore, Morning is revolutionising the way the world drinks capsule coffee. With their official UK launch at the London Coffee Festival March 31- April 3 2022, we thought it'd be a good time to delve a bit more into this impressive brand and their incredible technology.

We caught up with Andre Chanco, one of the co-founders of Morning, who dives into a bit more detail about his machine, the brand and the story behind it all.

Tell us a bit about the Morning machine, and what sets it apart from a traditional Nespresso compatible machine.

The Morning Machine incorporates precision-brewing features we’ve borrowed from professional coffee equipment that lets home brewers calibrate temperature, coffee output and pressure profiles to deliver the perfect cup of coffee from a pod.


What’s the inspiration behind the machine?

My co-founder, Leon Foo, and I are speciality coffee roasters and we witnessed the rise of our peers putting higher quality coffees into Nespresso pods when their patent on the format expired. But when it came to single-serve brewers there was a lack of innovation and progression that mirrored how the industry was evolving and hence Morning was born.

What variables are used to create these unique recipes & pours? Basically, how do you make the coffee taste better?

Each recipe allows you to manipulate brew temperature, coffee output measured to the 0.1gram with our in-built scale, pressure profile and pre-infusion duration. These variables help optimise flavour extraction and gives users the ability to brew with breadth and enjoy the best out of every coffee.

We know there's an app that integrates with the machine. Can you tell us a bit more about the app & what it allows users to do?

The Morning Mobile App allows roasters and home brewers to dial in their own recipes but more importantly let’s you draw recipes from the roasters themselves and save them to your Machine. So you enjoy the perfect cup at just the touch of a dial.

Talk to us a bit about sourcing specialty coffee from independent roasters? What’s the idea behind the marketplace? (More about the Morning brand, sourcing speciality coffee from independent roasters)

We’ve always imagined Morning to be a platform for people all around the world to gain access to better coffee. The automation of the Morning Machine delivers quality and consistency even for a novice coffee lover and our Morning Marketplace helps them discover pods from the best roasters all around the world.

As independent coffee roasters ourselves we feel that there’s a massive global audience always searching for their next favourite brew, and a capsule marketplace gives even small roasters the opportunity to bring joy to a customer halfway around the world through the consistency of the pod format.


What are Morning’s next moves? (Launch in the uk? Plans to launch elsewhere? More machines, TBD…etc?

Our priority is optimising the Morning in the UK to deliver a better shipping experience  and a more customised curation strategy for the market. Product-wise we’re also looking at elevating the ecosystem to encourage more opportunity for community connection and encourage the discovery, education and appreciation of speciality coffee.



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