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4 Tips for a More Sustainable Summer
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4 Tips for a More Sustainable Summer

At CRU Kafe, we are always looking for ways to make our businesses and personal lives more sustainable. We know that as a consumer, it’s not always easy to know where to start in making more informed choices.

Check out a few of our favourite tips below on ways to make more sustainable choices this summer.

1. Go Organic

Opting for organic options has numerous benefits not only on your health, but on all aspects involved from the start of the supply chain. With no chemicals or pesticides used in farming, less carbon emissions and reduced pollution, organic crops are overall better for your health, the health of the farmers, as well as local wildlife and ecosystems - this is why all of our coffee is ALWAYS organically sourced and Soil Association certified.

2. Be a conscious consumer

To put it simply, do your research. Do the items you purchase support ethical practices? Every purchase choice you make, from your car to your shoes to your food and coffee makes an impact on the entire supply chain. That’s why we’ve always sold 100% Organic, ethically sourced Fairtrade coffee. Ensuring that everywhere down the line, from farming to production, our partners are paid and treated fairly.

Everything we source, including parts of our accessory range, has been carefully curated to support various charities, ensuring those in need are receiving help. Our Hario V60 Filters are in partnership with Project Waterfall, which helps bring clean water to those in need in our coffee growing communities. 

3. Reusable for the win!

It is estimated that the UK produces over 100 million tonnes of rubbish yearly - and increases about 3% each year. While a 3% rise might not sound like much, this means we will DOUBLE the amount of rubbish we produce every 25 years!

Using more reusable items is far more sustainable and a great way to reduce the amount of waste you personally create. When you’re heading to your favourite coffee shop (or to take your favourite CRU Kafe coffee on the go!) - be sure to grab a reusable coffee cup instead of opting for the one you’ll toss after.

Try opting for reusable bags when doing your shopping or heading for a picnic in the park. Our organic cotton, naturally bleached tote bags are the perfect sustainable companion.

4. Recycle & Repurpose

Here at CRU Kafe, recycling is one of the largest parts of our company ethos. That’s why we’ve chosen to use 100% aluminium in our coffee capsules, and are working around the clock to bring fully recyclable packaging to our full range of items. We’ve even partnered with Podback, the UK’s pod recycling scheme, to make recycling easier than ever. Simply fill the bag up and drop it off - and the recycling is done for you.

Prefer to use the coffee grounds yourself? Using a dull knife or our Pod Recycler, you can empty the grounds before rinsing and popping the empty capsules in your household recycling. Good for your garden, the compost bin, and even your skin (that’s right, you heard us!) Used coffee grounds make for a fabulous scrub - good for the skin, and the planet!



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