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The Mazagran
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The Mazagran

As temperatures begin to climb (despite the odd sprinkly of rain - we do live in the UK after all), we could not be happier to pack away our winter layers and step outside to the feeling of glorious sunshine on our skin. Summer is officially in full swing and here at CRU, we want to ensure that you are well equipped to enjoy your beloved coffee on those warmer afternoons. 

The Mazagran is known worldwide as the 'original iced coffee' and is named after the Algerian town of Mazagran, where it is thought to have originated, before being introduced into France in the 19th Century.

Traditionally served in a tall, narrow glass, it quickly gained popularity in the coffee houses of Paris. And now - third-wave coffee drinkers all around the world.

Our Organic Light Roast works perfectly for this recipe; it’s finely balanced, naturally caramelly sweet, ripe citrus fruits & tea like aromatics really compliment the lemon in this drink. Perfect for a summer time refreshment!


You will need:

  • 2 shots of Organic Light Roast espresso
  • Ice cubes
  • ½ a lemon
  • 1 glass of ice-cold water
  • Optional - sugar, to taste
  • Optional - rum, just for fun



1. To enjoy your own Mazagran simply brew your espresso, and let it cool.
2. In a separate glass, prepare some ice cold water with a splash of lemon juice. We definitely recommend fresh squeezed!
3. To finish, mix the cold lemon water together with your espresso. If you prefer a sweeter drink then feel free to add some sugar.
4. For a bit of extra pizazz, garnish with a slice of lemon.


Once you’re done, be sure to take your Mazagran into the garden and enjoy while basking in the warm rays of the summer sun. If you have a group of coffee lovers, like the team here at CRU, then why not prepare larger quantities of the above recipe and serve in jugs for everyone to mix together themselves. 

If you’re really in the summer spirit, you can also make the Mazagran into a cocktail,  just add in a shot (or two) of rum.

Simple and refreshing - it’s truly one of summer’s most refreshing bevvies!

Giving this recipe a try & sharing on social? Make sure to tag us @CRUKafe and use the hashtag  #CRUMoments



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