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CRU's Coffee Margarita
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CRU's Coffee Margarita

Introducing CRUs latest creation - The Coffee Margarita!

This unique twist on a classic cocktail combines the bold flavour of coffee with the zesty tang of a margarita. The perfect drink to enjoy on a warm summers day, or to kickstart a weekend night out. With just a few simple ingredients and some shaking, you can whip up this refreshing and delicious cocktail in no time. 


30ml Mijenta Tequila

15ml CRU Kafe Organic Colombian

30ml coffee liqueur

15ml lime juice

Add all of the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, pop the lid on and shake well.

Serve on (or off) the rocks, this part is personal preference!


P.s. Take a look at our recipe video over on Instagram.



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