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Protecting the Enchanted Isles

Protecting the Enchanted Isles

Formed millions of years ago by a vast marine volcano and cut off from the rest of the world by 1000km of Pacific Ocean, the Galápagos Islands are home to some of the highest concentrations of endemic species (animals & plants found nowhere else on earth) anywhere on the planet. Their scientific and biological significance simply cannot be underestimated - which is why we donated 5% of all sales from our Limited Edition Galápagos towards the conservation and protection of these Enchanted Isles. 

Made famous by Charles Darwin and his 1831 Voyage on the Beagle where he formed ideas that would later develop into his Theory of Evolution, the Islands are now a worldwide destination for nature lovers and enthusiasts - with travellers describing their time their as a truly life-changing experience. For many, the maxim that “the beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained, only experienced” sums it up perfectly.

Do the Galápagos really need protecting?

Since their discovery, humans have made a irreversible and damaging mark on the Islands. Whilst the unique importance of the Archipelago has now been recognised and the more damaging aspects of civilisation have been reined-in, a population of 30,000 and an annual influx of 200,000 visitors are bound to have a negative impact on the fragile biodiversity of the Galápagos.

Large areas of land have been cleared for farming, removing huge swathes of native plant and animal life, and invasive animal and plant species have been introduced as well, many of which aggressively out-compete native species or negatively impact on the Island's habitats. 

Turning Back the Tide - Galapagos Conservation Trust

The only UK charity working solely for the preservation of the Islands, the GCT work tirelessly to protect the Galapagos through projects and partnerships with Ecuadorian authorities, NGO’s, local communities and leading researchers. Their vision centres around sustainability, protection and restoration and all of your money will be supporting a huge range of projects on the islands.

Taking a holistic approach to the dangers faced, their efforts help fund and organise a huge range of projects, from fighting to reduce plastic levels to helping protect individual species of fauna & flora, including the Giant Tortoise and the finches to which Charles Darwin gave his name. All the current and past breakdowns of the projects are list on the GCT's website, found here.

What else can you do?

If this inspired you to do more, there are many ways in which you can help the Galapagos Conservation Trust. You can become a member, adopt a Galapagos giant tortoise or simply make a one off donation on their website here. The Islands are a true example of paradise on Earth, and it is vitally important that we do what we can to preserve them.




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