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Podback X CRU Kafe
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Podback X CRU Kafe

We’re excited to share our new partnership with Podback, the UK's pod recycling scheme.

The first service of its kind in the UK, Podback is the most convenient and comprehensive solution for recycling your single use coffee pods. Easy as 1,2,3 -  you simply put your used pods in the designated bag, print a shipping label once full and drop off at one of thousands of collection centres across the UK.

We’ve always cared about our environment just as much as our coffee, so to say we are thrilled to be the first independent coffee company partnering with Podback to offer our customers an easy, free and uncomplicated way to recycle would be an understatement.


Why is this partnership so important to us?

Our CEO, Tom Greensmith, on why the partnership with Podback is so important to us at CRU Kafe:

"Caring for our environment has always been engrained in CRU Kafe’s DNA. From our humble beginnings in 2013, our mission has always been to bring a high standard of organic coffee to you in the most ethical and sustainable way - in every aspect from sourcing to production and packaging. 

Originally, we started with Polypropylene recyclable plastic pods produced in Italy. Although you could recycle the capsule, it wasn't the most convenient process and there were difficulties removing the aluminium lidding from the plastic. 

The shipping from Italy left us with a carbon footprint bigger than we wanted it to be, and combined with the inconvenient recycling process, we decided we needed to move all production to the UK and find a more eco-friendly pod.

In 2018, we moved our production to the UK, and through numerous prototypes of various materials, we ultimately decided to make our coffee pods aluminium.

Across all of our products, recyclability is key. As a company, we have pledged to be fully recyclable by 2022. Shortly, our Coffee Bags, Beans & Ground ranges will be packaged in Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is fully recyclable.

The bottom line is that when it comes to caring for our environment, doing is everything. It’s been a non-negotiable for CRU Kafe from the beginning, and we hope that by being the first independent coffee company bearing the cost and joining this programme, that we can inspire others to do the same."




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