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London's Festive Best: 8 Hotels with Holiday Sparkle and Organic Warmth
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London's Festive Best: 8 Hotels with Holiday Sparkle and Organic Warmth

The holiday season in London is a tapestry of sparkling lights and joyous revelry, and for those who cherish both festive cheer and organic luxury, we present a refined selection of 8 hotels. These establishments not only showcase breathtaking Christmas decorations but also ensure that their guests can enjoy the comforting embrace of CRU Kafe in their rooms. From afternoon tea to festive feasts, these hotels are your go-to for holiday enchantment.

  1. Miracle at Henrietta Hotel - This Christmas-themed bar is a festive fantasy brought to life. Every nook of the Henrietta Hotel is infused with the holiday spirit, creating the perfect setting for organic coffee lovers.

  2. Mercer Roof Terrace at Vintry & Mercer - Elevate your Christmas experience in their exclusive rooftop igloos, offering a spectacular view of London's skyline. Enjoy a cup of CRU Kafe while surrounded by the city's festive lights.

  3. Berner's Tavern at The London EDITION - A feast for the senses awaits with their festive menu, matched by the hotel's holiday finery. The London EDITION is the epitome of seasonal indulgence, right down to the organic coffee served in your room.

  4. The Hansom at St Pancras Renaissance - Experience a festive afternoon tea in an architectural marvel adorned for the holidays. The St Pancras Renaissance is where history meets seasonal joy.

  5. Strand Palace - Immerse yourself in an Ice Palace Afternoon Tea where winter's chill meets elegance, and cap off the year with a 1920's themed New Year's Party that channels the glamour of a bygone era.

  6. COMO Metropolitan - Embark on a gastronomic adventure with a festive 5-course tasting menu that's sure to delight. Post-dinner, the organic notes of CRU Kafe await to soothe your senses in your room.

  7. The Apero at The Ampersand Hotel - Just moments from the Royal Albert Hall where you can enjoy some Christmas carols, The Apero crafts special Christmas and NYE menus for the season. Enjoy the festive sounds nearby and the unmatched hospitality of The Ampersand Hotel.

  8. Found bar + Restaurant at Lost Property - Offers a unique blend of history and modernity, wrapped in yuletide charm. Head to the restaurant for a very special Christmas menu. And after exploring the city's festive scenes, find solace in your room with a cup of ethical and organic CRU Kafe.

Each of these hotels goes beyond mere accommodation; they provide a festive escape with a commitment to the environment, proudly serving CRU Kafe to their guests. This Christmas, indulge in the celebration of the season and the comfort of knowing your holiday stay supports sustainable practices at these London gems.




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