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    Ugandan White Nile Decaffeinated
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    Bean / 100% Arabica

    Origin / Single Origin: Northern Uganda, West Nile

    Process / Fully washed and sun dried

    Varietal / SL14 & Catimor

    Altitude / 1,450 - 1,800 masl

    Roast Profile / Light

    Notes / Gentle citrus with a creamy body and notes of caramel and hazelnut

    Certification / Organic


    The Kawacom project - from which this coffee is sourced - was initiated in 1998 to promote the cultivation of Arabica in Uganda and train farmers in sustainable agricultural techniques practices.

    In 2003 the project received its very first Organic certificate, and since then the success of the project has also attracted UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification schemes.

    Best Enjoyed..

    Roasted Light, this decaffeinated Ugandan blend is the perfect cafetiére for those lazy Sunday mornings.

    Check out our guide to making the Perfect Cafetiére below!

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