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    Ocelot Milk 50% - Organic Chocolate


    Ocelot chocolate are a small business based in Edinburgh, run by husband & wife team Matt & Ish who left their jobs as chefs to pursue their dream of owning their own business.

    They use only the highest grade organic and fair-trade chocolate, and they use ethical business practices in every way they can. They also draw and design all of their own packaging and artwork - Ish studied illustration at art school, and Matt has always loved art and graphic design - a hugely important part of their business.

    How we drink it

    Coffee & Chocolate – for the majority of us, it’s a love story for the ages; a flavour combination forged in the heavens and delivered down to us by some benevolent being to help heal mankind.

    A bit enthusiastic perhaps, but there’s no denying that every now and then nothing can beat a square of rich, silky chocolate alongside your favourite cup of CRU Kafe coffee – and this particular bar of Ocelot’s 50% Milk Chocolate is no exception to the rule.


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