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    Ethiopian Kebena
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    Origin / Limu, Ethiopia, Kebena Forest Farm

    Process / Dry or Natural

    Varietal / Mixed Heirloom

    Altitude / 1,700 -2,200 masl

    Roast Profile / Light

    Notes / Lemon and lime fruit sugars, sweetness, citrus peel cocoa citrus linger

    Certification / Organic, Rainforest Alliance


    Limu Kossa is one of 180 Woredas of the Oromia region, formed in the 1800s as part of the Kingdom of Limmu Ennarea. In Limu there are some 27,000 coffee producing households.

    The Kebena Forest Farm is spread over approximately 400 hectares employing some 65 full-time people. At harvest time there are as many as 1000 coffee pickers.

    How we drink it

    Whilst not exactly 'light', this blend is probably slightly sweeter than you would be used to. Because of this, we recommend drinking this in the morning.

    It's a long, complex brew - and to truly get the best out of the delicate Ethiopian beans, it should be drunk without any accompaniments.


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