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    Indian Coorg Estate
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    Origin / Single Estate: Karnataka State, South India

    Process / Washed & sun-dried

    Varietal / CXR (Cogensis x Robusta)

    Altitude / 1,000 - 1,200masl

    Roast Profile / Medium

    Notes / Dark chocolate and raisin with a floral brightness


    Known as the ‘coffee cup of India’, Coorg is home to some of the world’s best coffee. Fed by monsoon rains and bordered by the Dubare Forest, the plants are shade-grown under a canopy of rosewood, jackfruit and fig – each imparting their own distinct characteristics into the coffee that grows beneath.

    This particular bean is the result of years of cross-pollination with the subspecies coffea congensis, delivering a big-bodied Robusta brew with the flavour and aroma of a speciality roast.

    Best Enjoyed..

    An easy drinking, strong shot of coffee with a long, resonant, flavour-saturated finish. Perfect for any time of day, this Indian bean gives you the perfect opportunity to sample a pure, unblended Robusta as a single-origin espresso.

    Thanks to its strength, this can also be savoured as a longer Americano.


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