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    About this coffee

    Whilst the Robusta bean has been a staple of world coffee for the last 100 years, it has recently come under some scrutiny from specialist roasters who argue that it lacks the range and complicated flavours of the well-known Arabica bean. However, by combining the Robusta with another variety of coffee (Coffea Congenesis), India is able to produce exceptional coffees of the low-acid, big-bodied style that European buyers admire and American buyers have, as a whole, yet to explore. This is an easy drinking, strong shot of coffee with a long, resonant, flavour-saturated finish. Perfect for any time of day, this Indian bean gives you the perfect opportunity to sample a pure, unblended Robusta as a single-origin espresso. Can handle milk, but would be best suited to a smaller macchiato or Flat White.

    Enjoy as:

    Flat White

    CRU's only Single Estate Coffee

    Known ast the ‘coffee cup of India’, Coorg is home to some of the world’s best coffee. Bordered by the River Cauvery on one side and the Dubare forest on the other, the coffee of the Chikkanahalli Estate is shade-grown under a canopy of rosewood, jackfruit and fig – each imparting their own distinct characteristics onto the plants that grow beneath them. This particular bean is the result of years of cross-pollination between robusta and congensis, creating a truly unique coffee of the low-acid, big-bodied style.

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    It's an interesting coffee but I still prefer the standard light roast



    Thought I'd try something different and glad I bought this one. Full of flavour and great any time of day. Fantastic with a chunk of chocolate


    Best Pod coffee on the market well done

    Quick and simple great service


    Great organic fair trade coffee

    Great coffee I'm really pleased to find organic, fair trade pods for a Nespresso machine. The price is very reasonable and the delivery is very fast.

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