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    Colombian Sierra Nevada
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    100% Arabica

    The Asoprosierra Cooperative

    Washed & patio-dried

    Typica, Arabica

    1,200 masl

    Roast Profile

    Bright and complex with a smooth body


    Our first ever Colombian cup of CRU tastes spectacular - brimming over with distinctive flavours that could only originate from high up in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

    This blend of top-quality, double-certified organic and Fairtrade coffee beans is cultivated by small coffee producers through the Asoprosierra Cooperative.

    From providing access to an international market to ensuring the highest price for farmers, the Cooperative helps improve the quality of life for these farmers and their families, as well as the environment around them.

    Best Enjoyed..

    This sensational shot of coffee can be enjoyed first thing in the morning, after dinner or any time in between. The best way to savour the amazing flavours is by making a short or long epsresso. Don't be tempted to add milk to this single origin Arabica though, as it will be in danger of being overwhelmed.


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