Morning Machine Christmas Bundle

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Introducing our exclusive Christmas Bundle that's promised to bring smiles and create cherished coffee memories. In this premium offer, we’re bundling up the creme-de-la-creme of the CRU experience.

Including the Morning Machine – designed to redefine your coffee brewing experience. This state-of-the-art machine brings a touch of finesse to every cup. With customizable brew strength and temperature, it guarantees the perfect cup of coffee with unmatched consistency. The machine will come with 2 months' worth of CRU Organic Coffee, ensuring a delightful journey through exquisite flavors and aromatic bliss. And for the cherry on the cake, 6 bars of the Finest Chocolatemakers Organic Chocolate, adding a touch of sweet indulgence to your coffee moments.

What's in the Bundle?
  • 1 x Drink Morning Nespresso Machine
  • 2 x CRU Kafe Discovery Packs (120 pods)
  • 2 x Gorilla Extra Dark (92%) Chocolate bars
  • 2 x Awajun Dark (80%) Chocolate bars
  • 2 x Tres Hombres (75% + cocoa nibs) Chocolate bars
100% Recyclable

From our pods to our packaging, everything's recyclable - and we're proud to have been the first independent coffee company to sign up to the nationwide PODBACK scheme.


All our coffees are certified organic, which means produced with natural, certified fertilisers which not only use less energy but leaves much less of a footprint on the communities that use them.


We work with Fairtrade producers and co-operatives from across the globe - and the premiums we pay go to support healthcare, infrastructure, plant nurseries and more.


Each of our coffees are carefully curated to help turn your everyday espresso into a moment to appreciate; transforming routine into ritual, and unlocking all the flavours the world of organic coffee has to offer...

WHAt our customers are saying


We only ever source coffee that is both Organic & Fairtrade Certified. Not only does in ensure the coffee we buy is of the highest quality around, but it means all our producers are paid a fair wage, investing our premiums into the communities and towns our growers support.