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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Light Roast

“A light, easy-drinking black coffee with a natural sweetness and florality that makes it the perfect sunday morning espresso”

Organic Light Roast

10 pack for Nespresso® Machines

Bright and balanced with notes of citrus and flora, our Light Roast was the first blend we ever created - and one that has more than stood the test of time.

"The organic light roast is just to my taste, it has a lovely mellow flavour which I really enjoy."

Anonymous., August 2018

A Little Taste of Third Wave...

Voted best tasting coffee in a pod back in 2014 by the Sunday Times, our Light Roast was created to celebrate all that was great about the new world of third wave coffee. Back then, the coffee capsule market was all about big, bold and quite often bitter blends, but we wanted to demonstrate that speciality coffee could also be enjoyed through your Nespresso® machine.

How To Drink It

We recommend drinking this blend as an short or long espresso, where the delicate flavours can be celebrated to the full. Almost tea-like in body, don’t be surprised if the crema appears thin - this is deliberate, and down to amount of time spent in the roaster. Because of this, we also suggest this is drunk primarily as a black coffee as it holds its own natural sweetness without the need to add milk.

Short, quick and clean, it’s known in the office as our ‘breakfast blend’ and is the perfect coffee to have first thing in the morning, or as lazy Sunday treat.