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Organic Galápagos

Limited Edition - 20 Pods

Fed by fertile soils, watered by volcanic crater lakes and left to grow wild amongst a forest of orange & guava, this coffee is as unique as the Islands themselves - so be sure to savour every sip. Each hand-packed box contains 20 Nespresso® compatible pods.


Origin - San Cristobal, Galápagos

Taste Notes - toffee, caramel & vanilla

5% off all sales to go to the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

100% Nespresso® Compatible

100% Organic Certified


A Taste Like No Other...

Look for... Vanilla, Honeysuckle & Caramel

This is not your usual cup of coffee. Sweet aromatics of honeysuckle and vanilla transport you right there to the Island itself, standing amongst the groves of flowering fruits and cooling marine breezes.

A subtle hint of acidity quickly slips into a delicate caramelised sweetness that brings the whole cup together, and when paired with a splash of warm milk, it’s transformed into a rich, indulgent coffee with hints of crème brulée.

To truly experience this coffee, we'd recommend drinking this as simple espresso, but a splash of warm milk also perfectly compliments this bean.

Our First Ever Limited Edition.

Our small batch roasts give you the ability to discover some of the rarest organic coffees from around the globe; each with their own unique story to tell. These are the treasures of the coffee world, designed to excite, inspire & amaze.

Hand packed in a unique 20-pod tray, these makes the perfect gift for true coffee lovers.

Drink good, do good...

We’re very happy to be donating 5% of all sales to the Galapagos Conservation Trust - a charity that has been working to protect and promotethe Islands’ delicate ecosystem and incredible diversity of flora & fauna for over 20 years. By partneringwith Ecuadorian authorities, local communities & leading researchers, the Trust is able to help fund projects that help everything from saving species that are on the brink of extinction to ridding the Islands of their growing plastic pollution.