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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Merchant's Blend

"A strong, punchy coffee that delivers all the range, versatility and diversity that a classic espresso blend is famous for..."

Merchant's Blend

250g bag

A strong, punchy espresso blend with notes of dark chocolate, dried fruits and subtle spices, this blend makes the perfect ‘Italian’ espresso. To give this coffee an extra little kick in the tail, we’ve mixed together a fantastic Honduran Arabica with a South Indian Robusta; celebrating both continents whilst retaining the classic Italian recipe for espresso, which is 70% Arabica & 30% Robusta. This helps produce a rich, European espresso with all the range, versatility and diversify that the coffee world has to offer.

"Loved it; smooth with a kick and no bitter after taste!"

Anonymous., October 2018

A Classic Italian Blend...

For years, Italian roasters looking for the ultimate espresso have been including a small amount of Robusta in their blends; which is what we've done here. They create a much thicker, richer crema than Arabica beans and their added astringency means that whilst the delicate flavours of many Arabicas are lost when milk is added, the big, bold flavours of Robustas shine through.

How To Drink It

As Robusta is more soluble than Arabica, over-extraction on this particular blend will draw out too many tannins, leaving you with a bitter, burnt cup of coffee - so you need to make sure not to over-brew our Merchant’s Blend. As a cafetiére, we recommend no more than 3 mins if you’re planning on drinking it black, rising to 3½-4mins in you’re looking to take it with milk; something that this espresso blend is perfectly suited to.