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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Dark Roast (Buzzbar)

"Big on body and brimming with smoky sweetness, our Dark Roast is a punchy blend of chocolate, toasted nut and red fruits that will dominate your palate"

Organic Dark Roast (Buzzbar)

10 pack for Nespresso® Machines

A deep and comforting espresso, this coffee is roasted dark to help bring out a gorgeous, full body that more than holds its own when paired with milk.

Origin(s) - Peru, Indonesia, Ethiopia

Taste Notes - Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Toast

Strength - 9

"Really good intense flavour without any bitterness"

Anonymous., December 2018

A Crowd-pleaser with a difference...

Our Dark Roast is our most popular blend online, and whilst it has the same basic building blocks of our Light Roast (they share the same Peruvian & Ethiopian beans) the increased roasting time completely transforms them, resulting in a coffee with a lot more body, depth and punch. It's a deep, powerful cup of coffee that lingers on the palate long after you’ve finished.

How To Drink It

Our most popular blend online, our Dark Roast is the perfect after-dinner coffee. Where lighter blends would be lost, the Dark Roast powers through and delivers a deep, comforting cup of coffee - whatever the occasion.

The deep, full body of the Sumatran bean also makes this coffee the perfect choice for milk-heavy drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes, where the sweet milk strikes the perfect balance with the richness of the blend.