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Ethical, Fairtrade & Organic Coffee

Organic Honduran

“A naturally chocolatey single origin with delicate hints of stone fruit and pecan that makes for the ultimate Sunday morning cafetiére”

Organic Honduran

250g bag

A bright and full Single Origin coffee, our Honduran offering is a beautiful example of the best this country has to offer - a smooth, full-bodied brew with sweet & mild notes, absolutely perfect for a weekend cafetiére - where brew time can be adjusted to personal taste (we recommend keeping it between 4-6 mins to get the most of out the coffee!).

"Best ground coffee ever, and the omniground works perfect in both my french and aeropress!"

Luciano B., November 2018

A Shift in Fortune...

Historically, Honduran coffee has only really been used as a base in blended coffees, where its often unremarkable taste made it a good choice it roasters were looking to elevate other beans. That has, thankfully, all changed - due mostly to the huge investment in infrastructure and education from the Honduran government - and now Honduran beans are now recognised worldwide for their vibrancy, nuttiness & sweetness.

How To Drink It

A well-rounded bean, our Honduran can be enjoyed as a lazy morning cafetiere, V60, Chemex, Aeropress - or as a strong stove-top espresso. As it’s an arabica, feel free to take your time over brewing to extract all the flavours - leaving it to brew for anywhere up to 6 minutes. Because of its long body, this coffee is more than at home with added milk, but we recommend a stronger brew here to make sure the coffee isn’t completely lost.