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September 13, 2018

With over 70 million cups of coffee consumed in the United Kingdom every day, there are a lot of used coffee grounds that could be put to further use right in our own homes. We've decided to look at just a few of the simple ways in which we can all ensure our coffee grounds are not going to waste.

Face Scrub

With just a bit of coconut oil and some demerera sugar, you've got yourself a fantastic natural exfoliator. there's a fantastic recipe using our coffee from Le Coin De Mel which you can find here


Deodorizer? Deodouriser? De-odorant? However you want to spell it, keep a pot of grounds in your fridge and it'll absorb all of those nasty smells. They'll be good for a few months, then pop them in the compost!


Most of the acidity will have left your coffee once it's brewed, so it's safe to use it as compost - just bear in mind that's it considered 'green compost', so balance this out with brown material. For a super simple summary, visit this site

Pest Repellent

Spread around your garden plants, coffee grounds help protect your floral friends from slugs, snails and ants. It will also help spread some nutrients into the soil, so it's pretty much a win win for you and your garden!